When you run your own event you build your list of members and contributors.


Instructions "How to Videos" for a Giveaway event

 Video # 1 how to create a profile

 What are the Key points what contributors and members should know ? Ultimate script

 Video # 2 how to upload a gift
 Video # 3 how to upload a oto

 How To Upload Gift & OTO w/Ultimate Script

 How To upgrade oto whitin Back office w/Ultimate Script

 Video # 4 how to upgrade oto within backoffice
 Video # 5 how to create text ads

 How to create Text Ad's w/Ultimate Script

 Instruction Video How to take your PayPal Token



For your part, you will let us know your creative theme idea for the event (remember this is your event). Decide on bonuses, commissions, contributor and members upgrades, then sit back and watch your list grow.




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