When you run your own event you build your list of members and contributors.


What is a JV Giveaway Event?

The term JV stands for Joint Venture which means that 2 or more marketers join up with the goal to increase their return of investment. In terms of internet marketing this means that many marketers come together and each of them gives a downloadable product away for free. These can be e-books, software, graphics or whatever benefits the visitors of the giveaway event.

At a giveaway event marketers, also called contributors, sign up for free to list their free e-book inside the members area. This mostly happens when the even is in the pre-launch phase. Once the event launches, members can sign up and download the different free offers... but not instantly... they have to sign up for each product that they want to access. This way the contributor gets the name and email address from a member and has the person on his opt-in list.


What is a JV Giveaway Script?

A JV Giveaway Script is a software that manages the giveaway event. It has the ability to gather signups like a membership site and it can list the free products spread over several pages. A good JV giveaway script has many more features built in like one time-offers, upgrade offers, Downline builder, ranking system and many more. A jv giveaway script is needed to run a giveaway event. Your joint venture partners will promote the giveaway event and sign up thousands of members. This can only be handled with a special software, a jv giveaway script. We own the latest new version of the Ultimate JV Giveaway Script v6.0.21 with all it has to offer and build in futures !!

When you want to build your list fast, that is the only way to do it. As well as running your own giveaway events you should be taking part in other giveaways as a contributor to really benefit from these list building opportunities, BUT if you donít currently have a list of your own to promote to, then itís not a great idea to be paying for the upgrades just yet, because you will only get downgraded for no promotion and waste your money.


However, there are two ways around this:

#1- Host your own giveaway first. This will build your list instantly

So you can then participate in other giveaway events, as an upgraded contributor, knowing you wonít waste your money and once you have a list of your own you are sure to make referrals.


#2 Ė Get a friend to join the event via your referral link.

When you consider how much time and effort you spend to build your list, running your own giveaway event will totally amaze you. Never with so little effort will you be able to increase your list size so quickly.

We have developed the flat out fastest system for not only building a list, but showing you all you need to know to continue maximum success with all your future giveaway event efforts. With a one on one communications, via our Video chat platform, especially created for all our Services, you will be able also to get instruction in our member area inclusive How To Videoís from our Video Library in the member area, so you not have to figure it out by yourself. How to create special offer pages, what are good squeeze pages and how to create them. What makes the best gift for the most signups, and how to approach building the ever important relationship with your list.


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