When you run your own event you build your list of members and contributors.

Here's how it works.


  1. Install the script

  2. Design the Graphics (Based w/y theme)

  3. Host the Event on our Server

  4. Build and install all the pages

  5. Approve all the Gifts (Can be done automatically)

  6. Approve all the One Time Offers (Can be done automatically)

  7. Handle all the support issues as required

  8. Advertise for your event from start to finish insuring maximum promotion

  9. Work with you from start to finish

  10. Show you how to get the most from giveaway events

  11. Advertise and input into our Giveaway Directory



For your part, you will let us know your creative theme idea for the event (remember this is your event). Decide on bonuses, commissions, contributor and members upgrades, then sit back and watch your list grow.

The Benefits of Having your own Event:

  1. Build a List of Members, and Joint Venture Contributors

  2. Making New Contacts ( Fantastic for future JV potential )

  3. Branding Your Name ( Instantly increase recognition as a marketer )

  4. Selling Upgrades

  5. Selling Your Products

  6. Monetize your event with other programs and opportunities

  7. Selling One Time Offers


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